St Michael’s cave and passage

Situated under Villa Sirena/Davies, the St Michael’s cave is adorned with a Statue of the Holy Mary. It is likely that passages from there led to the tunnel and shelters excavated during World War II. There is a legend tied to this cave which tells the story of a mermaid who took shelter in the cave during a storm. The mermaid was cursed and if she ever kissed a human being she would turn into stone. She would sit alone on the rocks and sing. This would attract the attention of the fishermen who could not understand where the singing came from. One day a young fisherman heard the singing and entered quietly in the cave to see who was singing. There he saw the beautiful mermaid. The fisherman fell in love with her and one day he kissed her which caused the mermaid to immediately turn into stone. For this reason, in the cave there is a mermaid carved in the rock and as a result St Michael’s cave became also known as ‘l-Għar tas-Sirena’. 

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