One of the Kottonera foundation’s principle objectives is to underline the importance of cultural heritage. In fact, it has launched a programme of restoration works, that include 25 historical sites across the Cottonera area. €8 million were allocated for these restoration works. Some of these works are the Porto Salvo Gate and the roof behind the pediment in the Parish church in Senglea, the Windmill of San Ġwann T’Għuxa and the underground Nativity Chapel in Cospicua, the top part of the Notre Dame Gate and Auberge de France in Vittoriosa; the restoration of several niches and that of the bastions and casemates at Fort Ricasoli in Kalkara along many other works.

Furthermore, the Kottonera Foundation is overseeing the implementation of the following projects:

In Cospicua there will be the embellishment of Pjazza Santa Margherita to incorporate a play area, a kiosk and a cultural centre. A rehabilitation of open spaces within the bastions and urban renewal projects at Triq Sofia and Suq Bonniċi will take place.

In Senglea the restoration of St Michael’s bastions including the restoration of the clock tower and the upgrading of Pjazzetta Gorg Mitrovich are in progress. Furthermore, an upgrading in the architectural and street lighting system in Ġnien il-Gardjola and the Isla Waterfront are under way. Other ongoing projects are the maintenance of open spaces at ‘in-Niżla tal-Ponta’ and the embellishment of Pjazza l-4 ta’ Settembru and Pjazza Dun Mauro Inguanez.

In Vittoriosa there is the reconstruction of the road at it-Toqba tal-Birgu, including the reconstruction of the Regatta Club, the development of the ‘Sensory Garden’ and the implementation of pedestrian friendly measures. 

In Kalkara a €15 million investment is projected which will consist in the re-paving and reorganization of Misraħ l-Arċisqof Gonzi where the promenade will be embellished and a 4.5 metre pedestrian route will be created around Cottonera from Senglea to Bighi.  

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The Cottonera Foundation and the Ministery for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government will launch an innovative project that aims to improve knowledge on the history of Cottonera.
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