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The Kottonera Foundation’s main purpose is to improve the quality of life for all the people living in Cottonera. We are after meaningful regeneration which consists of upgrading infrastructure and at the same time improving and safeguarding the historic area of Cottonera. 

Today, Cottonera is a community in transition thus the Kottonera Foundation is ensuring that this transition is a successful one. 

To have a successful implementation of the Kottonera Foundation’s objectives which seek to improve the environmental and social standards in the inner harbour area, with both short- and long-term regeneration goals, two important steps are needed. The drive towards intergenerational equity that highlights the notion of sustainable development will provide Cottonera with an inheritance that will work towards the long-term ownership by the communities and the localities. 

The Foundation coordinates with Ministries entrusted with the implementation and taking forward the measures found in the strategy. Hence, the Kottonera Foundation monitors the process of the action and reviews the strategy in regards of new circumstances that may arise over time. The Kottonera Foundation is in close contact with the Local Councils which are crucial to the success of the strategy to ensure that the bottom-up approach that characterised the drafting of the strategy is also retained in its implementation.


Since its inception, Kottonera Foundation has already collaborated with various entities, to bring together various projects. In this section we will outline current and upcoming projects, that revolve around Senglea, Vittoriosa, Cospicua & Kalkara.

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The Cottonera Foundation and the Ministery for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government will launch an innovative project that aims to improve knowledge on the history of Cottonera.


Cottonera is composed of the Three Cities: Bormla, Birgu and Isla, and the nearby locality Kalkara. The Three Cities are made up of two peninsulas jutting out into the Grand Harbour, upon which Birgu and Isla are located; and the third city, Bormla which spatially connects the other two cities and is bounded by the Cottonera and the Santa Margerita lines. The fourth locality, Kalkara which is the largest of the four localities is found to the north of the Three Cities.

The localities of Cottonera are very rich in culture and history. When the Knights of St John arrived in Malta the capital city at the time was Imdina; however, the knights chose Birgu as their base in order to be close to the harbour. The Three Cities were essential to Malta winning the Great Siege because of their strategic place. The Knights recognized Bormla, Birgu and Isla’s crucial role in the defence of the Maltese islands and honoured them by giving them the titles of cities. Bormla was given the title of Città Cospicua, Birgu was given that of Città Vittoriosa, and Isla that of Città Invicta. During the Second World War, the localities of Cottonera were heavily bombarded and the urban fabric was extensively damaged during this ordeal, damage that is still present in certain parts of the fortifications to this present day. 


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The localities of Cottonera are very rich in culture and history. 

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The Kottonera Day is celebrated annually on the 23rd October. This year as part of the celebrations of the Kottonera Day, the Kottonera Foundation organised a concert of Sacred Music inside the Basilica of Our Lady of Victories in Senglea.
The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness on Breast Cancer while also encouraging women and men to get checked.
To celebrate Pride in September, the Kottonera Foundation façade was lit up in the rainbow colours. The Kottonera Foundation sponsored the Pride Around the Grand Harbour event which was organized by Alied Rainbow Community.
Minister for Heritage, the Arts and the Local Government José Herrera, along with the chairman of Kottonera Foundation Glenn Bedingfield launched for the first time the ‘National band festival’. This festival will be organized by the Kottonera Foundation together with the National Band Club Association.

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