Pink October 2021

The month of October is dedicated to raising awareness on Breast Cancer while also encouraging women and men to get checked.
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This year Pink October apart on raising awareness on Breast Cancer it is also focusing on other female cancers mainly ovarian and cervical cancer. Furthermore, it is raising awareness on men’s health mostly about prostate cancer and testicular cancer. Throughout this whole month, the Kottonera Foundation is lighting its façade in bright pink to promote breast cancer awareness. The Kottonera Foundation would like to give its support to all women and men fighting against Cancer. 

Other Articles of Interest

The Kottonera Day is celebrated annually on the 23rd October. This year as part of the celebrations of the Kottonera Day, the Kottonera Foundation organised a concert of Sacred Music inside the Basilica of Our Lady of Victories in Senglea.
To celebrate Pride in September, the Kottonera Foundation façade was lit up in the rainbow colours. The Kottonera Foundation sponsored the Pride Around the Grand Harbour event which was organized by Alied Rainbow Community.
Minister for Heritage, the Arts and the Local Government José Herrera, along with the chairman of Kottonera Foundation Glenn Bedingfield launched for the first time the ‘National band festival’. This festival will be organized by the Kottonera Foundation together with the National Band Club Association.