Jews Sally Port

The historic walls of Birgu are pierced by five gateways and ports or “Toqob” as known by the locals. The Jews Sally Port is one such gateway which provides access to the town-dwellers to the shore. This port is also known as “It-Toqba l-Ġdida” having been constructed after the original “Toqba l-Qadima” – the Old Hole alias Infirmary Sally Port. The term “Sally Port” refers to a small gateway formed into a rampart from which the defenders of a town can sally against a besieging force. It became known as “it-Toqba” because of the small gate compared to a hole, dug out to allow a shorter and easier passage to the seashore. It was dug out to accelerate the transport of the sick and the injured to the Holy Infirmary.

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