Auberge of Auvergne and Provence

The Auberge of Auvergne and Provence was built in the 1530s to house the knights of the Order of St John from the langues of Auvergne and Provence. The auberge was amalgamated with earlier buildings. It is believed that some of the ground floor go back to the 18th century while other older remains potentially date back to the Byzantine period. A few years before the Second World War, the right side of the auberge was demolished to turn it into a modern residence. After the war, the remaining part of the building was split into different houses and a shop. The interior of the auberge remain mostly intact, despite some alterations. The auberge was listed as a Grade 1 national monument on 22 December 2009, and it is also listed on the National Inventory of the Cultural Property of the Maltese Islands. 

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