Paolino Vassallo Square

The Paolino Vassallo Square situated in the heart of Cospicua is named after the Maltese composer Paolino Vassallo, born on the 24th July 1856 in Cospicua. Vassallo was one of the most well-known Maltese composers and he was the first Maltese composer to turn away from the Italian influence on the Maltese music. In 1875, he left Malta to study music in Paris where he remained for 10 years. He received international recognition for his work on various occasion. In 1888 he returned to Malta to visit his parents but during his visit he met his future wife Marianna and thus decided to remain in Malta. In 1902 he was appointed as Maestro di Cappella of the Mdina Cathedral and of the Co-Cathedral of St John in Valletta. He wrote 3 operas that are: Amor Fatale, Frazir and Edith Cavell. The opera Amor Fatale was performed for the first time on the 3rd  May 1898. The opera Frazir was premiered on 15th March 1905, however the opera Edith Cavell was performed for the first time on the 21st March 1927, four years after Paolino Vassallo’s death as he died on 30th January 1923. The square in Cospicua, his native city, was named after him as a tribute for his life and work. A school the Paolino Vassallo Upper Lyceum was also named after him and in 2006 he was also featured on a Maltese postage stamp.

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