George Mitrovich Square

The George Mitrovich Square situated in the entrance of Senglea is named after the Maltese patriot and politician from Isla, George Mitrovich. In the early years of the British rule in Malta there was no freedom of press and the Maltese were not allowed to be involved in any of the country’s finances or administration. For this reason, Mitrovich fought for the entrance of freedom of speech in Malta and for the right for Maltese people to be able to express themselves. He founded the Comitato Generale Maltese, a committee which was composed of elected deputies representing Maltese from different professions, the clergy, and the nobility. In 1832, he and four other members of the committee started a petition that demanded administrative reforms. The petition requested the establishment of a Consiglio Popolare that would be composed of around 30 people to be elected by the Maltese upper class. This petition brought on a new constitution in 1835. In his later years Mitrovich who had a family of 12 lived in poverty. He died in his house in Valletta on 13 March 1885. George Mitrovich is regarded as a patriot who fought to improve the lives of the Maltese people as he paved the way for future reforms.

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