4th September Square

The 4th September Square located in the heart of Senglea where one finds various shops was named after an important date in Senglea’s history. 4th September marks the anniversary of the coronation of the patron saint of Senglea, the Maria Bambina. Ever since the statue of Maria Bambina existed the people of Senglea have turned to it with great devotion when they were facing difficult situations such as the plague. Hence there was always the desire to have the Maria Bambina crowned. Therefore, when in 1915 Mgr Mauro Caruana who had links with Senglea became Bishop of Malta, the people of Senglea asked him to mediate with the Vatican to have the Bambina crowned. However, since the First World War was taking place the request could not be presented to the Vatican. The request was then presented to the Vatican in the beginning of 1920 and the rescript of the coronation was issued by the Vatican on 25th April 1920. The date of the coronation was set for 4th September 1921 and Senglea started its preparations for the coronation which was conducted by Bishop Mauro Caruana. It was an extraordinary coronation that the people of Senglea never forgot as apart of naming a square to commemorate this date, the 4th September is still celebrated in Senglea every year.

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