Holy Family Square

The Holy Family Square is situated next to Rinella street and has a spectacular view of Kalkara Creek along with the main entrance of Kalkara and the bastions that surrounds it. In the past, the Holy Family Square was smaller than today, and it was known as the ‘Liver Square’ because the residents used to cook and sell livers in the square in order to collect money to fund the construction of the old Parish church belfry. During the Second World War the belfry was heavily damaged during an aerial bombing. As a result, the church was destroyed, and the belfry had to be demolished. Today, in the Holy Family Square one finds two monuments, one of them commemorates the victims of the Second World War and the other is a bust of the Maltese composer Mro. Lorenzo Gonzi who lived in Kalkara and composed various important compositions for Kalkara such as the Saint Joseph Antiphen and the band march ‘La Sacra Famiglia’.

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