Bust of Juan Batista Azopardo

Juan Batista Azopardo was born in Senglea on 19 February 1772. He was a Maltese privateer and military man who fought under the flags of Netherlands, Spain, and Argentina. When he was young, he studied naval architecture at the French arsenal in Toulon. Later, Azopardo served the French and British fleets. He arrived in Rio de La Plata in the beginning of the 19th century. Azopardo served as second in command of the privateer frigate Dromedario with a letter of marque from Montevideo. He fought the British invasion of Buenos Aires. For his valor and gallantry, the Spanish Royal Government made him a Lieutenant Colonel of the Urban Militias. Azopardo fought in the Battle of San Nicolás and on 2 March 1811 his three faced a superior royalist navy with seven ships. His ships were captured, and he was wounded and made prisoner. When the revolution ended, he was freed and returned to Argentina where he was received as a hero. 

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